The Government Inspector has called for RMBC to provide for another 3000 homes Borough-wide.

RMBC have responded by increasing the target for the Dinnington area to 1540, an increase of 40% on the 'non-negotiable' figure of 1100 quoted in the 2011 consultation process.

This extra loading was called for the Inspector's Hearing during November of last year by developer's agents and representatives of Sheffield City Council who held RMBC to ransom.

Yes that's correct Sheffield City Council! The council that refuses to develop their own Greenbelt and green spaces. How can Sheffield achieve their targets for housing without Greenbelt development? Easy - they are forcing RMBC to take some of their development target and accomodate it by building homes on OUR Greenbelt.

Of the proposed RMBC development, over 43% of the new homes will be used to accommodate people from outside the Borough.

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The Dinnington & Anston Action Group are members of the local community who are strongly against plans to build on Greenbelt land. The Action group was formed in August 2011 amidst claims by residents' of a 'cover up' by the Council. We have a formal committee that meets on a regular basis. In our local area of Dinnington and North Anston the Council are now planning to build 1540 new homes, 940 (up from 700 in 2011) of which are on the Greenbelt. These 940 houses are to be built on a 'preferred' site codename "Dinnington East".

Dinnington East stretches from Rackford Road in the South to Lodge Lane in the North. Most of this land is currently used for growing crops with the remainder being woodland with a tree preservation order and an RMBC owned recreational area used as a childrens playground (part of Area 219). So secret is Area 219 that even Dinnington Town Council are refused details of the publicly owned recreational area, via the Freedom of Information Act, by RMBC.

Building on greenfield sites is also happening in the other Rotherham areas of Aston, Bassingthorpe Farm Development, Bramley, Ravenfield and Wickersley.

If you use the link below you can see the whole of Rotherham laid out, find out if they are planning to build near you...use the + & - to enlarge & the hand icon to move the map around. It's not very user friendly but give it a try.

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The population of Rotherham has been stagnant for many years, the last set of figures we have are from the Borough's report for 2006/2007 which states 7,000 people moved into the borough and 7,500 moved out. Taking into account births and deaths the population grew by 100 people. Over 43% of the proposed houses are to be for 'immigrants', both from abroad and other areas in Britain. As Sheffield refuses to build on their Greenbelt and green spaces, Rotherham Borough is having to accommodate Sheffield's shortfall. In doing so more demand is being placed on the RMBC's Greenbelt with a consequent increase in pressure on agriculture, infrastructure and quality of life. This accomodation of Sheffield's target is not fiction, as some would like you to believe. We have a letter from the Leader of Sheffield City Council which, when discussing housing development, reports "a proportion of Sheffield's needs would be met in Rotherham".


As residents of the area we feel a developement of this scale would kill our community, creating urban sprawl, a loss of identity and untold pressure on the areas infrastructure. Not to mention the loss of valuble farming land, and wildlife. The damage to the environment would be huge and totally irreversable. We simply cannot stand by and let our villages be pillaged by self-centred ruthless developers!

We are grateful to for providing some of this information.

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